5 Best Admin Dashboard and Themes Plugins for WordPress

5 Best Admin Dashboard and Themes Plugins for WordPress

It is not just enough to create your e-commerce store with a random theme, putting a random design. The theme, colors, and overall design greatly impacted the users and the WordPress dashboard. If things are equally aligned on the WordPress dashboard, it gives a streamlined look, easy management, and provides several benefits. Undoubtedly, it looks challenging to manage themes and plugins, but you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

5 Best Admin Dashboard and Themes Plugins for WordPress

Admin dashboard and theme plugins for WordPress are available to take all the heavy lifting. They come with several eye-chanting templates, designs, themes, color customization, and all-in-all management. In short, they provide ease to personalize the admin dashboard with desired themes, colors, and other functions for plugin management.

Another issue is to choose among the several plugins, but we have made it easier for you. We have tested and shortlisted the top 5 admin dashboard and theme plugins for WooCommerce to take your store for effortless management. So, let’s go through each of them to make selection a breeze.

1.  Download Plugins and Themes from Dashboard – WordPress Plugin

Download Plugins and Themes from Dashboard – WordPress Plugin

If you don’t like to use FTP for themes and plugin installation, Download plugins and Themes from Dashboard-WordPress plugin might be your primary choice. It provides ease to install directly from the ZIP file without needing FTP. It’s a simple solution to download comprehensive themes and plugins without hassle.

It allows further customization to choose whether the theme or plugin should be included in the zip file. Easily download themes with a click, ensuring you always get the latest version and keeping other versions up to date.

Make WooCommerce management quicker and more reliable, leaving all the heavy lifting on this reliable plugin. Manage your plugins and themes in one place without switching to the different options and tabs in the WordPress dashboard.

Here is a quick overview of the prominent features of this versatile plugin. Let’s read on!

Upgrade Your Admin Dashboard

A website’s admin dashboard is something where all the management and the magic happen. The plugin is to revamp your WordPress dashboard, make life easier, and take control over everything in one place. Yeah, it’s all possible with this reliable plugin.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks to manage and install plugins through zip files. No more FTP access and other long issues; install this plugin and get direct access to everything from the admin dashboard.

It saves time and energy and correspondingly manages everything without human effort. Make things simpler, and easier to manage, and take control over the theme and plugins without switching to tabs and options. Yes, it’s the most reliable way to revamp your admin dashboard in a few steps.

No More FTP Issues

FTP is a real hassle, but this plugin has eliminated the need to rely on FTP. No fuss, effort, or lengthy procedure; just get everything from the admin dashboard in a few clicks and enjoy.

After installing this versatile plugin, the website dashboard will be the primary command center for the theme and plugin with the simplest management. Get the zip files and perform tasks without issues.

It offers direct download access to enjoy the stress-less feature without problems. So, equip your WordPress website or WooCommerce store with the latest plugin to manage everything in one place.

Reliable Solution and hassle-free Installation

No more searching and hunting for the plugins from different places; install the themes with personalized options like a one-window shop. With a simple zip file, you can do a lot without hassle with all-in-all management without leaving the website dashboard.

To get this ultimate solution, navigate to Settings > Download plugins > Theme section, and it’s all done. This way, you will get your own downloading environment at the website’s backend. Manage multiple tasks and tedious work in a few clicks.

A Complete Customized Experience

Customization is the primary demand, whatever the plugin is. Therefore, Download Plugins and Themes from Dashboard – WordPress Plugin offers a completely customized solution to append version numbers to zip filenames. Isn’t it a plus?

This amazing feature helps choose which file or version will be included in the zip file. The zip filenames further help easy tracking than the numbers regardless of the file size. For example, if several files are included in the zip folder, you can easily track any of them with the names (a custom name).

Advance Settings

The plugin is also for those who love further and additional customization. You can easily access the advanced settings selected from distinctive zip libraries such as PclZip, ZipArchive, etc.

Furthermore, it allows you to create a custom zip library to streamline the overall workflow. The periodical selection of the themes and plugins gives you access to the latest versions without going anywhere in the dashboard.

Effortless Management for WordPress

Get rid of managing sophistication, an amazing tool to manage everything in a single place. It has made the management of plugins and themes from one place with easy navigation and a simple interface. In actuality, it has converted complexity into simplicity by keeping the requirements in mind.

2.  Premium Package WordPress Digital Store Solution

Premium Package WordPress Digital Store Solution

Manage themes and plugins for WordPress website or store with another amazing plugin, Premium Package WordPress Digital Store Solution. It comes with all-in-all add-ons to set up everything easily at a reasonable price.

Besides, it simplifies the cart checkout options for WooCommerce with the desired theme and design. Moreover, if you are running a WordPress website but now want to convert it into a store, its one-click solution can do it quickly. For more, read its primary characteristics:

  • Fully functional shopping cart with complete order & invoice management.
  • Generate sales reports easily with analytics; the mobile app allows you to manage things from your pocket.
  • Give easy tax options, manage coupons, and offer role-based discounts based on your audience.
  • The email checkout option saves your cart content and sends it to you via email. It’s helpful when you want to check out later.
  • Automatic order expiration management is only available with its premium version.

3.  Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin that takes all the heavy lifting and creates an amazing e-commerce store in minutes. It manages everything automatically without your involvement, saving time and effort. It’s one of WordPress’s best digital ecommerce plugins with the simplest functionality. Amazingly, it doesn’t require any code and does everything automatically. Here, check out the Easy Digital Downloads features and benefits below:

  • Start selling in minutes as it converts your WordPress website into an eye-chanting e-commerce store in a few clicks.
  • It provides easy management, content protection, and automation to the store owners.
  • Manage your store easily with powerful reporting features and complete analytics.
  • Thousands of people trust it due to its overall payment security, customized themes, and templates.
  • Unlimited file downloads to sell digital products without hassle.


In conclusion, WordPress is already a managed CMS system, but still, some people find it challenging to handle several themes and plugins. Download Plugins and Themes from Dashboard – WordPress Plugin is a reliable option because this plugin is specifically designed to manage themes and plugins in one place. It has all the features a website owner needs and is compatible with zip files. It reduces the time, effort, and FTP hassle for file upload and download. The other mentioned plugins are also good, but they come with some other features – maybe you don’t need further. Therefore, list the requirements and choose the most suitable one among the mentioned plugins.

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