Get minimum order amount for free shipping in WooCommerce

How to Get Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping in WooCommerce? A Complete Guide

Every store owner’s goal is to make their customers happy so they can come back and buy what they need from their store. Store owners know that their customers love free shipping and honestly who doesn’t?!

The challenging part is to set up free shipping wisely so that customers end up happy while boosting store owner’s sales without losing money.

Free Shipping Over Amount Plugin can help with that! It is automatic and dynamic, so you won’t have to do any manual labor, it will calculate the amount needed to be spent by the customer to be eligible for free shipping.

Why Free Shipping Matters!

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Free shipping is powerful. Somehow, you’re able to convince shoppers to spend more just to avoid a small fee!

The shipping fee plays a major role in the shoppers final buying decision, and any option that would reduce this fee would make the purchase more attractive and decrease cart abandonment.

According to a survey conducted by Forbes, 77% of respondents abandoned their cart because they were unhappy with the shipping options. 84% made a purchase because it qualified for free shipping.

Free shipping isn’t always an option for ecommerce stores though, especially for those with small margins or where shipping is expensive for every order. Setting the right strategy is key to make free shipping feasible and you will be surprised that Free Shipping Over Amount Plugin can do most of the work for you!

You must make the most of free shipping if you want to increase sales.

Dynamic Remaining to Free Shipping Messages

Dynamic Remaining to Free Shipping Messages

You are in full control to implement your optimal free shipping strategy!

Free Shipping Over Amount Plugin enable you to inform customers immediately about their progress towards free shipping eligibility, enhancing their shopping experience with live updates on the remaining amount needed.

Incorporate these dynamic notifications across your website using widgets, shortcodes, or direct PHP functions, encouraging customers to add more to their carts to qualify for free shipping.

But really, how flexible is the plugin to setup my fee shipping strategy!?

Minimum Purchase Amounts

You can set variable minimum purchase amounts based on user roles, currencies, or shipping zones. For example, offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount or charge a flat rate for smaller orders.

User Roles

Different user roles (such as customers, wholesalers, or VIPs) can have specific shipping rules. For instance, VIP customers might get free shipping regardless of the order value.


If you sell internationally, consider adjusting shipping rules based on the currency used during checkout.

Shipping Zones

Customize shipping methods (e.g., standard, expedited) for specific zones. For instance, offer express shipping only for local customers.

Customized Message Settings Based on Rules

Customized Message Settings Based on Rules

Even more flexibility along the way!

Attractive offers may not look so attractive if the overall customer experience is subpar. Free Shipping Over Amount Plugin allows you to craft custom messages with custom themes when a customer’s cart value crosses the free shipping threshold, they’re instantly greeted with a congratulatory message, enhancing the sense of achievement.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Free Shipping Promotion while maintaining a great customer experience

Enhance the influence of your free shipping promotion by managing where and when it appears.

Select whether to showcase the offer on the cart page, throughout the checkout process, or in the mini-cart view.

Furthermore, the ability to conceal the offer for carts below a certain value or containing only items that don’t require shipping guarantees that your promotion reaches the right audience.

Combining Reliability, Compatibility and Speed

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Ensuring a consistent shopping experience globally, Free Shipping Over Amount Plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Currency Switcher. It guarantees that international customers see prices displayed in their local currency, providing a seamless and localized shopping journey.

AJAX-Powered Cart Updates

For those who don’t know what AJAX is, Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It’s a technique used in web development to create more interactive and responsive web applications.

Traditionally, when a user adds or removes items from their cart, the page needs to refresh to reflect the changes. To keep your users’ experience smooth, any updates to the shopping cart don’t require page reload and this is where Ajax plays its role! It enables page content to update automatically without reloading the whole page.


Does it work if I do not have free shipping configured for a particular zone? Or it is mandatory to configure free shipping for every zone?

If you don’t have free shipping configured for a particular zone, simply no amount left message will be displayed.

When the cart is empty it shows the “Message on free shipping reached” custom message instead of the custom one. How can I fix that?

Most probably you just need to set a minimum amount value for the Free shipping method. You can do that from the WooCommerce settings or by using our “Manual min amount” option.

There is one problem – if I change something in cart, the price is not updated!

If amount left for free shipping is not updated, when you update the cart content – you need to change the Position. For example – if you select the default “After cart totals” position for the “Info on Cart” – amount will be updated (if, for example, you change product quantities in the cart). On the other hand – if you select “After cart” position – amount will not be updated, and your customer will have to refresh the cart page manually to see the updated left to free shipping amount. In other words – position must be inside that part of the cart page that is being refreshed after cart content changes. Same applies to the checkout page, where amount may differ depending on shipping country selected by customer (in case if you have multiple free shipping methods in multiple shipping zones with different minimal order amounts).

Since plugin v1.5.0, you can use our new “AJAX” option. This way the message will be updated on any position.


One of the best ways to get customers to buy things from your online store is to provide free shipping. It can boost revenue, reduce cart abandonment rates, and enhance WooCommerce site functionality in general.

Thankfully, Free Shipping Over Amount Plugin provides you with several ways to incorporate this useful strategy into your web business. You may easily set up free shipping on specific items, free shipping for transactions with a minimum amount, and even free shipping based on user roles.

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