How to Sell in Bulk and Why is it Cheaper to Do So?

How to Sell in Bulk and Why is it Cheaper to Do So?

In the digital marketplace, competition is fierce and customer’s expectations are constantly evolving. Setting a dynamic pricing strategy to adapt with market demand is crucial to help store owners to boost sales and stand out against other competitors. This innovative tool Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Quantity Discounts Plugin helps store owners achieve that purpose.

Whether you’re a wholesale business, or a retail business, you must adapt to market fluctuations, adopt a fluid pricing strategy, and also set up strategies for discounts on bulk sales. This plugin is designed to let you tailor discounts to suit your target audience

Bulk Selling: Wholesale vs Retail

Bulk selling is the selling of goods or merchandise in large quantities to retailers, other bulk sellers.

Wholesale businesses are typically involved in B2B trades, they sell their products in large quantities and discounted prices to retailers. The retailer then sells them to end consumers at a higher price.

In the modern world, new technology platforms have redefined what’s possible for small wholesale businesses by increasing access to a global audience of buyers. Now, wholesale businesses can also sell to both individuals and other retailers on separate channels.

In the upcoming sections, we won’t distinguish between wholesale business and retailer, we will just use the term “bulk seller”, since both can make use of our dynamic pricing tool.

Selling in Bulk Matters—Here’s Why!

When customers purchase items in bulk, it benefits both the buyer and the seller. Here’s how:

Boosting revenue with less marketing expenses

Acquiring new customers is not cheap. Businesses spend money on marketing, digital platforms and more. They even made a term for itCustomer acquisition cost (CAC).

CAC refers to the resources and costs incurred to acquire an additional customer. For every customer obtained when trading as a direct-to-consumer brand, a cost must first be paid to market the products.

Bulk sellers can identify and target specific customer segments that are more likely to make larger purchases. Thus, the amount it costs you to get one customer who would make a single-product purchase, you could acquire a bulk selling customer who would place a large-quantity order, thereby giving you a higher return for that same cost.

Bulk sales can foster loyalty and repeat business, reducing the need for constant customer acquisition efforts.

Using Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Quantity Discounts Plugin you can offer discounts as a percentage, fixed amounts, or set per-product prices, giving you the flexibility to cater to different user roles by assigning them specific wholesale pricing options.

Inventory Management

Bulk sales help clear excess inventory, preventing storage costs and potential losses due to obsolescence. Also, businesses can forecast demand more accurately when dealing with bulk orders, allowing better inventory planning.

On a related note, Stock & Inventory Updates Triggers for WooCommerce Plugin is an excellent tool that lets you customize how and when product stock levels are adjusted based on various order-related events.

Consideration for Bulk Selling: Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy is a crucial component of successful bulk selling  as it directly impacts a business’s revenue, profitability, and market positioning. You’ll need to price products differently depending upon whether you’re selling directly to consumers, to a small retailer, or to a large business making a bulk order.

Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Quantity Discounts Plugin equips your ecommerce store with all the tools needed to put together a successful pricing strategy. Here’s how:

Advanced Pricing Dynamics

You can cater sophisticated rules and criteria to offer conditional discounts and pricing enabling you to create custom wholesale pricing options.

Control When to Apply Discounts with Conditional Wholesale Offers

To ensure you’re able to maintain profitability, you should offer your discounts based on purchase order quantities, with increased purchasing rewarded with better prices.

Using the plugin, you can only activate the bulk sale discount only when specific conditions are met such as: a specific purchase quantity.


By doing this, you incentivize retailers to place larger orders that enable you to increase your revenue.

Cart-wide Discounts

Discounts are not limited to a single product, Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Quantity Discounts Plugin lets you go wild over the entire cart!

You can set custom pricing rules to reward your customer when purchasing large quantities even if they are not of the same product.

Superior Customer Experience

Total price updates in real-time

Whenever your customers change quantity on a product, the plugin can show total price based on quantity selected, instead or next to default price.


Replace quantity field with a dropdown

Instead of default quantity input, guide your customers to select from a dropdown the quantity they desire for an easier experience.

Go Above and Beyond For Better Sales and Better Customer Experience

While the Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Quantity Discounts takes center stage, there’s a whole constellation of advantages orbiting around ecommerce business that you can offer to your customers:

Free Shipping

Did you know that while your customers are bulking, you can let them know in real-time how close they are to unlocking free shipping with live updates on the remaining amount for free shipping eligibility?

This is precisely doable via Free Shipping Over Amount: Amount Left Tracker for WooCommerce Plugin—Make it easier for your customers and streamline shipping options by hiding other methods when the free shipping criteria are met.

More Discounts

Discounts aren’t exclusive bulk sales! You may want to implement seasonal discounts across your online store, Discount Products Prices in WooCommerce Plugin—this plugin offers a range of customizable features to suit your promotional needs. It provides a flexible and efficient way to manage discounts, making it an essential tool for sales campaigns, seasonal promotions, or any other discount-driven marketing strategies.

In conclusion, bulk sales aren’t exclusive to giant wholesalers, you can take advantage of our tool Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Quantity Discounts Plugin for setting dynamic and robust pricing strategies which will boost your sales and improve your customer’s experience.

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