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How to Add Custom Content Under Each Post in WordPress with PHP

Adding content after each WordPress post can be a great way to capture a user’s attention. You can use the area to display signatures, ads, give users important updates or affiliate disclosures. This can also come in handy when your affiliate links are changed or updated. You can easily keep all your affiliate links updated […]
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How to Customize the “Add to Cart” Button in WooCommerce with PHP

The “add to cart” button is probably the most important one in any E-commerce store. By default, WooCommerce allows little customization to the button. Often users end up in a situation where they need to change the text on the button, change colors, add text below or above it. Depending on the WordPress theme you […]
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How to Hide Products by User Role in WooCommerce with PHP

Sometimes you need to hide a product or make it non-purchasable depending on the visitor’s user role, for example, make all products non-purchasable for not logged users, i.e. “guests”. You can use a plugin for that or add a PHP snippet to your (child) theme’s functions.php file. There is a number of ways we can […]
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Get Product Price by Product ID in WooCommerce with PHP

Final Product Price Use this snippet, if you need to retrieve WooCommerce product’s final price by product’s (i.e. post’s) ID. For variable products, the snippet will return the lowest variation price. The returned price will be “raw”, i.e. not formatted, without currency symbol, etc. You can use the wc_price() function to format the final price. […]