Documentation for the Custom Emails for WooCommerce plugin.



  • [if][/if]
  • [clear]
  • [site_title]
  • [site_address]
  • [order_meta]
  • [order_func]
  • [order_number]
  • [order_total]
  • [order_total_tax]
  • [order_total_excl_tax]
  • [order_shipping_total]
  • [order_shipping_method]
  • [order_payment_method_title]
  • [order_total_items_count]
  • [order_date]
  • [order_details]
  • [order_billing_address]
  • [order_shipping_address]

if shortcode

if shortcode allows for conditional output of content.

  • value1 – First value to compare. You can use shortcodes here by replacing [ and ] with { and }, for example, if you’d need to compare order total: value1="{order_total}".
  • value2 – Second value to compare. You can use shortcodes here, similar as it is in value1.
  • operator – Comparison operator. Can be equal, not_equal, less, less_or_equal, greater or greater_or_equal.
[if value1="{order_meta key='_my_meta_key'}" operator="greater" value2="0"]Content to output.[/if]

You can use shortcodes in content as well:

[if value1="{order_meta key='_my_meta_key'}" operator="greater" value2="0"][order_shipping_method][/if]