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Per Category Customization with Add to Cart Button Labels Options

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The “Add to Cart Button Labels Options” plugin understands the power of category-specific marketing. Its “Per Category Options” section unlocks a whole new level of customization, allowing you to craft unique “Add to Cart” buttons tailored to specific product categories within your WooCommerce store.

Tailoring CTAs for Different Categories

This section empowers you to create targeted CTAs that resonate with the specific types of products within each category.

Here’s how you can leverage it

  • Highlight Category-Specific Benefits: Craft button labels that emphasize the unique selling points of products within a particular category. For example, you might use “Add to Wardrobe” for clothing categories or “Upgrade Your Kitchen” for kitchenware.
  • Drive Urgency with Limited-Time Offers: If you have category-specific promotions, integrate them into your button labels to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate purchase decisions.
  • Personalized Touch (Pro Version): Consider using the Pro version (if available) to dynamically insert the category name into the button label, creating a more personalized experience for users browsing specific categories. (Functionality might depend on the Pro version)

Pro Tip: Category Group Management (Pro Version)

The free version of the plugin allows you to manage one category group. Upgrading to the Pro version (if available) unlocks the ability to create multiple category groups, allowing for even more granular control over your CTAs.

Shop Page vs. Single Product Page

Just like other sections, you can set separate button labels for both the shop page (product listing) and the single product page

  • Shop Page: Craft category-specific CTAs that grab attention and entice users to explore products within those categories.
  • Single Product Page: Create informative and persuasive button labels specific to the product category, encouraging purchase decisions.

Dynamic Labels with Shortcodes

The plugin’s shortcode functionality allows you to add dynamism to your button labels across all categories

  • [alg_wc_atcbl_user_name]: Insert the customer’s name for a personalized touch.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_title]: Dynamically display the product title within the button label.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_price]: Integrate the product price for a clear call to action.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_stock]: Inform customers about product availability directly in the button label (useful for limited stock items).
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_meta]: Access additional product meta data for even more customization options.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_func]: Utilize custom functions to create highly dynamic button labels.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_translate]: Enable translation of button labels for a multilingual store.

Resetting to Defaults

If you ever need to revert the “Per Category Options” section to its original settings, simply check the “Reset Settings” box and save changes.

Benefits of Category-Specific CTAs

By leveraging the “Per Category Options” section, you can

  • Boost Conversions: Targeted CTAs that resonate with each category can significantly increase click-through rates and ultimately lead to more sales.
  • Enhance User Experience: Clear and relevant button labels guide customers through the purchase process based on the product category they’re browsing.
  • Highlight Category Promotions: Use specific labels to draw attention to category-specific promotions, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.


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