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Exploring External Product Options

The “Add to Cart Button Labels Options” plugin understands that your WooCommerce store might not just offer physical products. The “External Products” section lets you customize button labels for these externally linked items, ensuring a cohesive user experience throughout your store.

Customizing Buttons for External Products

Similar to other product types, you can set unique button labels for external products on both the shop page (product listing) and the single product page

  • Shop Page: Craft clear and informative CTAs that guide users towards visiting the external link for purchase.
  • Single Product Page: Create labels that provide more details about the external product and encourage users to click through.

Conditional Labels (Pro Version Only)

While the free version allows basic customization, some features require the “Add to Cart Button Labels for WooCommerce Pro” plugin.

This includes setting separate labels for

  • On Sale: Highlight discounted external products with special CTAs (Pro version required).
  • Free Products: Emphasize the “free” aspect of external products to entice users (Pro version required).
  • Empty Price: Provide informative labels for external products with missing prices, directing users to the external source for pricing details.

Maintaining Consistency

By customizing button labels for external products, you can ensure a consistent user experience across your entire store. Clear and relevant CTAs will guide customers seamlessly, even when they encounter products linked to external websites.

Resetting to Defaults

If you ever need to revert the “External Products” section to its original settings, simply check the “Reset Settings” box and save changes.

In Conclusion

The “External Products” section within the “Add to Cart Button Labels Options” plugin empowers you to personalize the button experience for products linked to external websites. This ensures a smooth user journey and maintains brand consistency throughout your WooCommerce store. Consider upgrading to the Pro version for additional conditional label customization options.


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