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All Products with Type and Conditions

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Pro Functionalities: Customizing the “Add to Cart” Button Text

This guide explores the advanced “Add to Cart Button Labels” features available in the WooCommerce Pro versions plugin. With these functionalities, you can create highly targeted and dynamic calls to action that significantly enhance your store’s conversion rates.

1. All Products Options

  • Global Control: This section empowers you to establish a single, uniform “Add to Cart” button text for all products in your store. This is ideal for maintaining brand consistency across your entire product offering.
  • Dynamic Flexibility: Utilize shortcodes like [alg_wc_atcbl_product_title] to inject product-specific details into the button text. For instance, you could create a button that reads “Add [Product Title] to Cart,” personalizing the experience for each customer.

2. Per Product Type & Condition Options

  • Granular Targeting: This section shines with its ability to set customized button text based on product type and various conditions.

You can differentiate button labels for

  • Simple products
  • Variable products
  • External products
  • Grouped products
  • Other product types

Conditional Customization

Delve even deeper by setting unique button text based on product attributes like

  • On sale status (e.g., “Grab This Deal” for discounted products)
  • Free product availability (e.g., “Claim Your Freebie” for at-no-cost items)
  • Empty price (e.g., “Pre-Order Now” for products not yet priced)
  • Already in cart status (e.g., “Go to Checkout” or “View Cart”)
  • Dynamic Content with Shortcodes: Similar to the “All Products” section, employ shortcodes to inject dynamic information into button labels. This allows for highly personalized CTAs tailored to each product’s specific details and status.

Additional Considerations

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  • Shop Page vs. Single Product Page: You can configure separate button text for the product listing on the shop page and the individual product page. This enables you to create concise calls to action in product listings while offering more descriptive text on the dedicated product page.
  • Reset Settings: Each section provides a handy “Reset Settings” option to revert all customization within that section to the plugin’s defaults.

By leveraging these Pro functionalities, you unlock a powerful toolbox for crafting compelling and targeted “Add to Cart” button text. This, in turn, can lead to increased conversions and a more engaging shopping experience for your customers.


Customize Add to Cart Button Text for WooCommerce