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Precise Control Over Free Shipping Information on Your Cart Page

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The “Free Shipping Amount Label & Progress Bar for WooCommerce” offers granular control over how free shipping information is displayed on your cart page. This level of customization allows you to strategically position the message and progress bar for maximum impact.

Cart Options

  • Enable/Disable: Activate or deactivate the free shipping information section on the cart page.
  • Content: Craft the message displayed on the cart page using placeholders like %amount_left_for_free_shipping% and %free_shipping_min_amount% for dynamic content.
  • Position: Choose exactly where the information appears on the cart page, before the cart table, within the cart contents, after the cart coupon section, and so on. Multiple options provide flexibility for optimal placement.
  • Position Order (Priority): Further refine the placement by setting a priority within the chosen position. This allows you to fine-tune the order in which elements appear.
  • Wrapper Options: For positions that require specific HTML wrapping (like tables), define how the plugin will handle the content. Choose “Smart” for automatic wrapping, “Ignore” to leave it unwrapped, or “Force” to apply your custom template.
  • Wrap Template: If using “Force” for the wrap method, enter your custom HTML template here. The default <tr><th></th><td>{content}</td></tr> is suitable for table positions.
  • Custom Style: Personalize the appearance of the text by adjusting font size and color.

Strategic Placement Encourages Increased Spending

By strategically placing the free shipping information and progress bar on the cart page, you can effectively nudge customers towards adding more items to their cart to qualify for free shipping. This can lead to a significant increase in your average order value and boost your overall sales.

Remember, the Free Shipping Amount Label & Progress Bar for WooCommerce empowers you to tailor the free shipping message to your specific store’s needs, ultimately driving customer behavior and maximizing your profits!


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