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Advanced Options for Fine-Tuning Free Shipping Messaging

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The “Free Shipping Amount Label & Progress Bar for WooCommerce” offers a robust set of advanced options to tailor your free shipping messaging strategy to a granular level. This article delves into these options, empowering you to optimize the plugin’s functionality for your specific store’s needs.

Advanced Options Breakdown

Check shipping cost

  • Display the free shipping message even if the cart shipping cost is zero (no shipping charges currently applied).

Check for alternative free shipping

  • Look for existing alternative free shipping methods in your WooCommerce configuration that don’t require a minimum order amount. If such alternatives exist, the plugin won’t display any message as free shipping is already attainable.

Virtual products

  • Do not display any text if cart consists of virtual products only: Suppress free shipping messages when the cart contains only virtual products (e.g., downloadable items).
  • Ignore virtual products in cart to reach the min amount: Exclude the cost of virtual products from the calculation of whether the minimum free shipping amount has been reached. This allows customers to qualify for free shipping based solely on physical product costs.

Clear notices

  • Enable this option to clear any existing free shipping messages when a new product is added to the cart. This can help prevent message duplication issues.

AJAX Options

  • Enable AJAX: Activate this option for dynamic updates of the free shipping message via AJAX technology. This is beneficial when using the plugin’s “Store Notice” section or when WooCommerce’s “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” option is enabled. Additionally, it ensures updates in certain cart positions where customer quantity adjustments occur outside of automatically refreshed areas.
  • Additional events: Define additional JavaScript events that trigger updates to the free shipping message amount. Leave this empty if unsure. Predefined events include cart total updates, product additions/removals, checkout updates, and cart emptying.
  • Added to cart event without AJAX: Enable this option to fire a custom JavaScript event named “alg_wc_alfs_added_to_cart” whenever a product is added to the cart without AJAX. This can be helpful if the “Store Notice” isn’t displaying on single product pages and you have the “Hide” option enabled in “Store Notice” settings.
  • Force update: Enable this option to forcefully update the free shipping message via AJAX on every page load. This can be useful if you encounter caching issues that prevent the message from updating dynamically.


By exploring these advanced options, you can achieve a high level of control over how free shipping information is displayed and triggered within your WooCommerce store. This empowers you to create a seamless and strategic messaging strategy that incentivizes customers to reach the free shipping threshold, ultimately boosting your sales and conversions.


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