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Add to Cart Notice A Strategic Nudge for Free Shipping

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The Free Shipping Amount Label & Progress Bar for WooCommerce goes beyond static displays. It offers a unique “Add to Cart” notice option that appears dynamically whenever a customer adds a product to their cart. This strategically timed message can be highly effective in nudging them towards reaching the free shipping threshold.

“Add to Cart” Notice Options

  • Enable/Disable: Activate or deactivate the “Add to Cart” notice to display free shipping information upon adding a product.
  • Content: Craft a customized message displayed in the notice using placeholders like %amount_left_for_free_shipping% and %free_shipping_min_amount% for dynamic content, reminding them how close they are to free shipping.
  • Position: Choose where the notice appears relative to the standard “Product added to cart” message: before it, after it, or “glued” to it (immediately following with no separation).

Strategic Timing for Increased Sales

The “Add to Cart” notice capitalizes on a moment of high customer engagement – right after they’ve added a product. By displaying the free shipping information at this opportune time, you can effectively remind them about the incentive and encourage them to consider adding more items to qualify. This strategic nudge can lead to increased average order value and ultimately boost your sales.

The “Free Shipping Amount Label & Progress Bar for WooCommerce” empowers you to leverage the “Add to Cart” notice for strategic free shipping messaging. This dynamic approach allows you to capitalize on customer buying momentum and optimize your store for higher profits!


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