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Guide Customers Towards Free Shipping at Checkout

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The “Free Shipping Amount Label & Progress Bar for WooCommerce” empowers you to strategically display free shipping information on your checkout page. This strategically placed reminder can nudge customers to add more products to their cart and reach the free shipping threshold, ultimately increasing your average order value and boosting sales.

Checkout Options

  • Enable/Disable: Activate or deactivate the free shipping information section specifically for the checkout page.
  • Content: Craft a customized message displayed on the checkout page using placeholders like %amount_left_for_free_shipping% and %free_shipping_min_amount% for dynamic content.
  • Position: Choose the exact location where the information appears on the checkout page: before the checkout form, before customer details, during billing or shipping steps, before the order review, or even within the order review itself (e.g., before shipping costs, after shipping costs, before or after the payment button). Multiple options provide maximum flexibility for optimal placement within the checkout flow.
  • Position Order (Priority): Further refine the placement by setting a priority within the chosen position. This allows you to fine-tune the order in which elements appear on the checkout page.
  • Wrapper Options: For positions that require specific HTML wrapping (like tables), define how the plugin will handle the content. Choose “Smart” for automatic wrapping, “Ignore” to leave it unwrapped, or “Force” to apply your custom template.
  • Wrap Template: If using “Force” for the wrap method, enter your custom HTML template here. The default <tr><th></th><td>{content}</td></tr> is suitable for table positions.
  • Custom Style: Personalize the appearance of the text by adjusting font size and color.

Strategic Placement at Checkout Boosts Sales

By strategically displaying the free shipping information and progress bar at various points throughout the checkout process, you can subtly remind customers about the free shipping incentive and encourage them to take action to qualify for it. This can lead to increased average order value and higher sales for your store.

The “Free Shipping Amount Label & Progress Bar for WooCommerce” provides a powerful tool to optimize your checkout funnel and nudge customers towards completing purchases with free shipping, ultimately maximizing your profits!


Free Shipping Bar: Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce