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General and Cart Options

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General and Cart Options: Fine-Tuning Free Shipping Messaging in WooCommerce

The Free Shipping Amount Label & Progress Bar for WooCommerce empowers you to control exactly how free shipping information is displayed within your store. This article explores the plugin’s “General Options” and “Cart Options” sections, enabling you to create a strategic and visually appealing messaging strategy.

General Options

  • Enable Plugin: Activate the plugin to start displaying free shipping information.

Shipping Country

  • Leave this empty for automatic detection based on the default shipping zone.
  • This can be helpful if the free shipping message appears despite a minimum amount being set in the free shipping method.

General Message Options

  • Free shipping reached: Customize the message displayed when the free shipping threshold is met. Use placeholders like %amount_left_for_free_shipping%%free_shipping_min_amount%, etc., for dynamic content.
  • Empty cart: Craft a custom message for empty carts. You can disable this to use the plugin’s default message. Utilize placeholders for dynamic content.


  • Cart total method: Choose the method for calculating the cart total upon which free shipping eligibility is determined. Options include displayed subtotal, cart contents total, or cart total.
  • Discounts & Shipping: Decide whether to exclude discounts and/or shipping costs from the cart total calculation for free shipping eligibility.

Advanced Control Over Shipping Methods

  • Hide shipping methods: Hide all shipping methods except the free shipping option when it becomes available.
  • Free shipping method: Select the specific shipping method (e.g., Flat Rate or Free Shipping) that becomes visible upon reaching the free shipping threshold.
  • Hide the amount left text: Control when the “amount left for free shipping” text is hidden.
  • By cart amount: Hide it when the cart total falls below a specific value.
  • By shipping method: Hide it when specific shipping methods are disabled (all, at least one, or specific methods).
  • By category: Hide it when a product from a chosen category (including subcategories) is present in the cart.
  • By user role: Hide it based on the customer’s user role (e.g., administrator, customer, etc.).

Accessing Free Shipping Information

The plugin provides additional ways to access the “amount left for free shipping” information.

  • Widget: Utilize the “Amount Left for Free Shipping” widget for sidebar placement.
  • Shortcode: Use the [alg_wc_left_to_free_shipping content=“%amount_left_for_free_shipping% left for free shipping”] shortcode for flexible placement.
  • PHP Function: Integrate the echo alg_wc_get_left_to_free_shipping( array( “content” => “%amount_left_for_free_shipping% left for free shipping” ) ); function for custom development.

Cart Options

  • Enable/Disable: Activate this section to display free shipping information on the cart page.
  • Content: Craft the message displayed on the cart page using placeholders for dynamic content.
  • Position: Choose the exact location where the message appears on the cart page. Options range from before the cart table to after cart totals.
  • Position Order (Priority): Further refine the placement within the chosen position.
  • Wrapper Options: For positions requiring specific HTML wrapping (like tables), define how the plugin handles the content.
  • Custom Style: Personalize the appearance of the text using font size and color options.


By effectively utilizing the “General Options” and “Cart Options” sections, you can create a comprehensive free shipping messaging strategy within your WooCommerce store. From customizing messages to controlling shipping method visibility, the plugin empowers you to optimize the customer experience and encourage them to reach the free shipping threshold, ultimately boosting your sales.


Free Shipping Bar: Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce