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Amount Left for Free Shipping

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The Free Shipping Bar

Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce plugin helps you leverage this strategy by displaying a dynamic progress bar indicating how much more a customer needs to spend to qualify for free shipping. This article dives into the plugin’s [alg_wc_left_to_free_shipping] shortcode, explaining how to use it to create an effective free shipping bar on your WooCommerce store.

Understanding the Shortcode

The [alg_wc_left_to_free_shipping] shortcode is a snippet of code you can insert into your WooCommerce website’s pages and posts. When activated, the shortcode displays a message informing customers about the remaining amount they need to spend to unlock free shipping.

Benefits of Using the Shortcode

  • Boosts Average Order Value (AOV): By constantly reminding customers about the free shipping threshold, you can encourage them to add more items to their cart to qualify. This can lead to an increase in your overall sales.
  • Enhances Customer Experience: Transparency in shipping costs is crucial for a positive customer experience. The free shipping bar keeps customers informed and motivates them to make informed decisions about their purchases.
  • Easy Customization: The plugin allows you to customize the appearance and behavior of the free shipping bar. You can change the message text, colors, and placement to match your store’s branding.

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Additional Tips

  • Experiment with placement: Try placing the shortcode in different locations on your product pages and cart to see where it has the most impact.
  • Customize the message: Craft a clear and compelling message that motivates customers to reach the free shipping threshold.

By incorporating the [alg_wc_left_to_free_shipping] shortcode effectively, you can turn free shipping into a strategic tool to boost your WooCommerce store’s sales and improve customer satisfaction.


Free Shipping Bar: Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce