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Using the Back Button Widget

The Back Button Widget plugin provides a simple yet effective way to enhance navigation for your WooCommerce store visitors. This article will guide you through its various functionalities, allowing you to add “Back” buttons strategically throughout your website.

Adding the Back Button

The plugin offers three primary methods to integrate the button

  • Widget: The most common approach. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress dashboard. Locate the “Back Button” widget and drag it to your desired sidebar or widget area. Configure options like button label and appearance.
  • Shortcode: For more targeted placement, use the [alg_back_button] shortcode within your theme files or page content. You can customize the button label and type (e.g., simple text or styled button) through the shortcode itself.
  • Menu Integration (Pro Feature): Requires the Back Button Widget Pro plugin. This allows adding the button directly to your website’s navigation menus. Select the menu location(s) and configure button behavior.

Configuration Options

  • Menu Placement: Choose where to insert the button within the selected menu(s) (typically as the last item). You can even define a custom menu item template.
  • Replace URL: Add a “Custom Link” menu item with the URL [ALG_BACK_BUTTON] to achieve a similar effect.
  • Floating Button (Pro Feature): Create a persistent “Back” button that floats on the screen. Customize its label, position (bottom/top, left/right), margins, and choose whether to use a shortcode for advanced styling.
  • Font Awesome Integration: If using Font Awesome icons for the button (e.g., [alg_back_button fa=”fas fa-angle-double-left”]), the plugin can load the necessary library for you.

Additional Notes

  • The Back Button Widget offers basic functionality. Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks additional features like menu integration and floating buttons.

By implementing the Back Button Widget, you can significantly improve the user experience in your WooCommerce store. Visitors will have a clear way to navigate back to previous pages, leading to a smoother shopping experience and potentially boosting conversions.


Back Button Widget for WordPress