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Back Button Widget for WordPress

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Back Button Widget Pro: Unleash the Power of Navigation

The free Back Button Widget plugin is a great addition to any WordPress site, but the Pro version unlocks a whole new level of control over your user’s browsing experience.

Here’s a deep dive into the exclusive features that elevate your navigation game

Enhanced Menu Integration

  • Effortless Menu Placement: Forget messing with code! The Pro version allows you to seamlessly add the back button to any menu location with just a few clicks.
  • Multiple Menu Support: Integrate the back button into multiple menus simultaneously, ensuring easy navigation across your entire website.
  • Customizable Button Text: Tailor the button text to match your website’s tone and functionality.

Advanced Floating Button Options

  • Floating Savior: The Pro version introduces the powerful floating button functionality. This allows you to place a persistent back button anywhere on the screen, ensuring it’s always within reach for your users, regardless of how far they scroll.
  • Positional Precision: Choose from various positions for the floating button, including top or bottom, left or right, to perfectly fit your website’s design.
  • Fine-Tuning Margins: Precisely control the horizontal and vertical margins of the floating button to achieve optimal placement and aesthetics.

Unleashing Shortcode Power

  • Shortcode as Floating Button: Transform a shortcode into a fully functional floating button! This grants incredible flexibility in integrating the back button into specific areas of your website.

Font Awesome Integration

  • Effortless Font Awesome Usage: No need to manage Font Awesome libraries separately! The Pro version allows you to load Font Awesome directly within the plugin for easy use of icons within your back button.


Back Button Widget for WordPress