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Bulk Price Editing Made Easy with the Bulk Price Converter

Managing product prices in your WooCommerce store can be a tedious task, especially with a large inventory. The Bulk Price Converter plugin simplifies this process by allowing you to edit prices in bulk, saving you significant time and effort.

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Understanding the Plugin’s Interface

Here’s a breakdown of the fields you’ll find within the Bulk Price Converter plugin

  • Bulk Price Converter Tool: This section allows you to perform bulk price updates on your products.
  • Number of decimals: Specify the number of decimal places displayed for prices during the conversion process.
  • Block size: This determines how many products are processed at once, which can help manage larger inventories.
  • Time limit: Set a time limit for the bulk update process, especially if you’re dealing with a vast number of products.

Reset Settings

  • Reset section settings: This resets the options within the current section (e.g., General Options, Products).
  • Reset: Resets all settings within the Bulk Price Converter tool to their default values.
  • Save changes: Saves any modifications you’ve made to the plugin’s settings.

Article 3: Bulk Price Editing General Options

General Options

  • Direct price: Set a new fixed price for all products or selected categories (requires Pro version).
  • Multiply all product prices by: Increasing all product prices by a specific percentage.
  • Add to all product prices: Add a fixed amount to all product prices.
  • Price type to modify: Choose whether to modify regular prices, sale prices, or both.

Products (Free Version Limited)

  • Products category: Select a specific product category to apply price changes to (requires Pro version for filtering by other attributes).
  • Products tag: Apply changes to products with a specific tag (requires Pro version).

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Final Price Correction (Pro Version Feature)

  • Rounding function: Choose a rounding method for final prices (e.g., round, floor, ceil).
  • Rounding coefficient: Specify the value used for rounding (applicable to chosen rounding function).
  • “Pretty prices” threshold: Set a minimum price difference to display a price with fewer decimal places.

Upgrade to the Pro Version for More Control

The free version of the Bulk Price Converter plugin offers valuable functionalities for basic bulk price editing.

Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks additional features

  • Divide all product prices by: Decreasing all product prices by a percentage.
  • Subtract to all product prices: Deduct a fixed amount from all product prices.
  • Advanced product filtering: Filter products based on various attributes like brand, color, and guide.
  • Final price correction options: Gain access to rounding functions and “pretty prices” formatting.

You can buy the Pro plugin from this Link: https://wpfactory.com/item/product-price-by-quantity-for-woocommerce/


Bulk Price Editor for WooCommerce