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Adding Color Swatches to Your Products

Giving your customers a visual representation of product colors is a great way to improve their shopping experience and increase sales. This guide will show you how to add color swatches using the attribute functionality in WooCommerce, alongside a variation swatches plugin.

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Access the Attributes Section

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to Products > Attributes.

Create a Color Attribute (if not already done)

  • Click the Add new attribute button.
  • Enter “Color” (or your preferred name) in the Name field.
  • Set a unique Slug (e.g., color).
  • This is used internally for reference.
  • Select Color from the Type dropdown menu.
  • Click the Add attribute button.

Configure Color Swatches (Using Variation Swatches Plugin)

  • Click the Configure terms link next to your newly created “Color” attribute.
  • You’ll see a new field labeled Type.
  • Set this value to Color.
  • Click the Add new Color button.
  • Enter a name for the color swatch (e.g., Red).
  • This will be displayed to your customers.
  • Use the color picker to choose the desired color for the swatch.
  • (Optional) Enter a slug for the color term (recommended for better organization).
  • Repeat steps 5-7 to add additional color swatches for your product variations.


Many variation swatches plugins offer customization options for the appearance and behavior of the color swatches. Refer to your plugin’s documentation for further configuration.

By following these steps, you’ve successfully added color swatches to your WooCommerce products, allowing customers to easily visualize product variations and make informed purchasing decisions.


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