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Conditional Shipping: Excluding Cities for Targeted Delivery

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The Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce plugin offers the Exclude Cities condition, allowing you to refine your shipping strategy by restricting specific shipping methods from reaching certain locations.

How it Works

  • Enable Condition: Activate this option to define cities where chosen shipping methods (Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Local Pickup) won’t be available.


  • Control Delivery Areas: Exclude cities outside your usual coverage area or where specific shipping methods aren’t feasible. This helps manage expectations and avoid customer confusion.
  • Prioritize Profitable Zones: Focus resources on regions with higher order values by excluding less profitable locations from certain shipping methods.


You might exclude remote cities from “Free Shipping” to prioritize this benefit for customers in your core market.

Additional Notes

  • Complementary to “Require Cities”: Use this alongside the “Require Cities” condition (covered in a separate article) for a more comprehensive approach.
  • Scalability Considerations: Manually entering numerous city names can be time-consuming. Consider the Pro version (if applicable) for bulk import options.
  • Reset Option: The “Reset Settings” button allows you to revert all excluded cities back to default settings.

By leveraging the “Exclude Cities” condition, you can create a targeted shipping strategy that optimizes resource allocation, prioritizes profitable regions, and provides a clear shipping experience for your WooCommerce store.


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