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Take Control of Your WooCommerce Shipping

Offering a smooth and flexible checkout experience is crucial for any online store. WooCommerce, a popular eCommerce platform for WordPress, provides a robust foundation for managing your products and sales. But what if you want to fine-tune your shipping options to cater to specific scenarios? This is where the Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce plugin comes in.

What is Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce?

This plugin empowers you to set up rules that determine which shipping methods are available to your customers during checkout. It leverages your existing WooCommerce shipping zones and methods, allowing you to control their behavior based on various conditions.

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Why Use Conditional Shipping?

Here are some compelling reasons to integrate Conditional Shipping into your WooCommerce store

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide targeted shipping options that adapt to your customers’ needs. Imagine offering free shipping for orders above a certain amount or enabling specific shipping methods for bulky items.
  • Streamlined Shipping Management: Simplify your workflow by automatically applying shipping rules. No more manual adjustments for each order!
  • Increased Sales: Strategic use of conditional shipping can incentivize purchases. Free shipping thresholds can nudge customers to add more products to their carts, boosting your average order value.


Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce