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Minimums and Maximums for Optimized Shipping Order Amount

The Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce plugin grants you precise control over shipping methods based on order value. This article focuses on the Minimum Order Amount and Maximum Order Amount conditions, enabling you to create targeted shipping strategies that incentivize purchases and streamline your fulfillment process.

Minimum Order Amount: Rewarding Bigger Spenders

  • Enable Condition: Activate this option to set a minimum order amount required for specific shipping methods to become available.


  • Encourage Larger Orders: By linking free shipping or faster delivery options to a minimum purchase amount, you can nudge customers to add more products to their carts, boosting your average order value.
  • Streamline Fulfillment: Restricting bulky or expensive shipping methods to higher-value orders simplifies your fulfillment process by focusing these resources on customers who spend more.

Example in Action

Enable the “Minimum Order Amount” condition and set it to $50. Now, free shipping and express delivery options will only be displayed at checkout if the order total reaches or exceeds $50. This incentivizes customers to reach the threshold for these desirable shipping options.

Maximum Order Amount: Setting Limits (if necessary)

  • Enable Condition: Activate this option to establish a maximum order amount for specific shipping methods. This is less common but can be useful in specific scenarios.

Use Cases

  • Limited Resources: If your resources are limited, you might restrict express shipping or other premium methods to orders below a certain amount to prioritize smaller shipments.
  • Fragile or High-Value Items: For fragile or high-value items, you might offer special shipping methods only for orders below a specific maximum amount, ensuring they receive appropriate handling.

Remember: These conditions work seamlessly with other Conditional Shipping options (covered in a separate article). You can combine them with product requirements or user roles to create even more targeted shipping rules.


  • Customer Experience: Ensure your minimum order amount thresholds are reasonable and don’t discourage purchases.
  • Transparency: Clearly communicate any order amount restrictions on your product pages or during checkout to avoid customer confusion.

By effectively utilizing Minimum and Maximum Order Amount conditions, you can craft a shipping strategy that incentivizes larger purchases, optimizes fulfillment workflows, and caters to specific order needs within your WooCommerce store.


Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce