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Tailored Shipping with User Roles

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The Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce plugin takes user experience to the next level with User Role conditions. This functionality allows you to create targeted shipping options based on the customer’s role within your store.

What are User Roles?

WooCommerce offers various user roles, each with specific permissions. Common roles include Administrator, Editor, Customer, and Shop Manager.

How User Role Conditions Work

  • Enable Condition: Activate this option for “Require User Roles” or “Exclude User Roles.”
  • Shipping Methods: Select the shipping methods (Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Local Pickup) you want to control based on user roles.
  • User Role Selection: Choose the specific user roles you want to include (Require) or exclude (Exclude) from accessing the chosen shipping methods.

Benefits of User Role Conditions

  • Reward Loyal Customers: Offer exclusive free shipping or faster delivery options to valued customers, incentivizing repeat business.
  • Manage Internal Orders: Restrict specific shipping methods (like free shipping) for administrator or staff accounts, ensuring these are used judiciously.
  • Control Wholesale Accounts: If you offer wholesale accounts, you can exclude them from free shipping options meant for retail customers.

Example Scenario

You can set “Free Shipping” to be required for the “Customer” role, while excluding it for all other user roles. This rewards your regular customers with free shipping, while ensuring internal accounts or wholesale orders don’t automatically qualify for it.

Additional Considerations

  • Reset Option: The “Reset Settings” button allows you to revert all user role inclusions and exclusions back to default settings.

By strategically using User Role conditions, you can create a tiered shipping structure that enhances your customer experience, streamlines internal processes, and caters to specific user groups within your WooCommerce store.


Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce