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A Guide to Billing Country Options in WooCommerce

The billing country field on your WooCommerce checkout page plays a crucial role in processing orders and ensuring accurate shipping costs. The Checkout Field Editor and Customizer plugin (Free Version) allows you to customize this field’s behavior and appearance for a smoother customer experience. This article explores the available options for the “Billing Country” field.

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Accessing the Settings

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout Fields.
  • Locate the Billing Country section.

Understanding the Options

The plugin provides various options to fine-tune the “Billing Country” field.

  • Enabled/Disabled: This controls whether the billing country field is displayed on the checkout page.
  • Default: Enabled (recommended for accurate order processing).
  • Required/Not Required: This determines whether customers must select a billing country to proceed with checkout. 
  • Default: Required (recommended to ensure accurate tax and shipping calculations).
  • Label: This is the text displayed next to the billing country field on the checkout page. You can customize this label for clarity (e.g., “Billing Country”).
  •  Default: “Billing Country”
  • Placeholder: This is the text displayed within the billing country field before a customer selects a country. It provides a hint to guide the user (e.g., “Select your billing country”). 
  • Default: Empty
  • Description: Here, you can add a short explanatory text below the billing country field. This could be used for additional information or specific instructions (e.g., “The country where your billing address is located”). 
  • Default: Empty
  • Class: This allows you to assign a CSS class to the billing country field for further styling customization using CSS code (requires knowledge of CSS). 
  • Default: Empty
  • Align Left/Align Right/Full Row: These options control the alignment of the billing country field label within the checkout form. 
  • Default: Align left (common layout).

Additional Notes on Pro Features

The knowledge base article mentions some options requiring the “Core Checkout Fields for WooCommerce Pro” plugin.

  • Position (i.e. priority): This feature allows you to define the order in which the billing country field appears relative to other checkout fields (requires Pro version).
  • Product Visibility: These options enable you to control which product categories or tags are displayed based on the selected billing country (requires Pro version).

Resetting Settings

The Reset section settings button allows you to restore all settings within the “Billing Country” section to their default values.

Saving Your Configuration

Once you’ve made your desired adjustments, click the Save changes button to apply the configuration to your checkout page.

Optimizing Your Billing Country Field

By customizing these options, you can

  • Improve clarity and user experience on the checkout page.
  • Ensure accurate data collection for billing and shipping purposes.
  • Maintain a clean and organized checkout form layout.

Remember to test any changes thoroughly to ensure a smooth checkout process for your customers.


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