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Order Emails: COG Information

This feature lets you display cost of goods (COG) information directly in your admin new order emails.

Finding the Setting:

  1. Navigate to the WooCommerce  >  settings tab in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Cost of Goods” sub-tab.
  3. Go to the “Orders” sub-tab.

Displaying COG Information in Admin New Order Emails:

This section allows you to configure whether the admin new order email displays the order cost and profit. You can choose from two options:

  • Display the order cost and profit on the admin new order email (default): This is the default behavior and will include the following information in the admin new order email:
    • Total order cost: This represents the sum of all product costs associated with the order.
    • Order profit: This represents the difference between the total order revenue and the total order cost.
  • Do not display: Selecting this option will remove any COG information from the admin new order email.

Benefits of Displaying COG Information:

Having COG information readily available in the admin new order email offers several benefits:

  • Faster Order Processing: With immediate access to cost and profit details, you can make quicker decisions about order fulfillment and pricing strategies.
  • Improved Visibility: This feature enhances transparency by providing insights into order profitability at a glance.
  • Informed Decision Making: Having cost data readily available allows for informed decisions regarding discounts, promotions, and future pricing strategies.

Choosing the Right Option:

The decision to display COG information depends on your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Display COG information if you frequently need to access cost and profit details when processing orders.
  • Do not display if you don’t require immediate access to this information within the admin new order email and prefer to access it elsewhere.

Additional Notes:

  • This is a pro feature of the Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin.
  • Ensure you have the pro version activated to access this setting.

By effectively utilizing the “COG options regarding orders emails” feature, you can streamline your order processing workflow and gain valuable insights into the profitability of your WooCommerce store.


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