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Targeted Promotions Made Easy

Take control of your WooCommerce coupon strategy! The Coupon & Discount by User Role plugin empowers you to create targeted promotions for specific user roles in your store.

Key functionalities

Granular Coupon Control

  • Disable All Coupons: Completely remove coupon functionality for specific user roles (e.g., guest checkout).
  • Invalidate Coupons: Allow specific user roles to try coupon codes, but invalidate them (coupon code field remains visible but doesn’t work). This is great for offering exclusive discounts to certain user groups.

Flexibility for Every Scenario

  • Per-User Role Management: Apply coupon settings to individual user roles (e.g., 10% off for subscribers).
  • Bulk Actions: Efficiently manage coupon availability for multiple user roles at once.

Customization Options (Standard Version)

  • Customizable Invalidation Message: Craft a clear message displayed when a coupon is invalid for a user role (e.g., “This coupon is for registered users only”).

Upgrade to the Pro Version (link: https://wpfactory.com/item/coupon-by-user-role-for-woocommerce/)

Support for All User Roles: Manage coupons for any custom user roles created on your site.

Craft a rewarding shopping experience for your customers and boost sales with targeted promotions!


Coupon & Discount by User Role for WooCommerce