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Customizing Add to Cart Text for Individual Products

This Plugin empowers you to personalize the customer experience down to the individual product level. This guide explores how to modify the “Add to Cart” button text for each product within your store, allowing you to craft unique calls to action that resonate with specific offerings.

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Accessing the Add to Cart Button Labels Feature

To personalize the “Add to Cart” button text on a product-by-product basis, navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

  • Locate the WooCommerce menu and click on Settings.
  • Within the WooCommerce settings, find the tab labeled Add to Cart Button Labels.

Customizing Text for Individual Products

The Add to Cart Button Labels feature offers a dedicated section for Per Product customization.

Here’s how to leverage this section

  • Enable Section: Check the box next to Enable section to activate individual product button text customization.

Crafting Unique Text on the Edit Product Page

Once you’ve enabled individual product customization, the ability to modify the “Add to Cart” button text appears within the Edit Product page for each product.

  • Locate a product you want to edit and click on it.
  • Scroll down to the Product Data section.
  • Look for the Add to cart button text field (it might be located under the Inventory or General tab depending on your theme).
  • Enter your desired custom text for the “Add to Cart” button.

Utilizing Shortcodes (Optional)

The plugin provides shortcodes that dynamically insert relevant product information into your button text, offering further customization.

  • [alg_wc_atcbl_user_name]: Inserts the customer’s username (if logged in).
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_title]: Displays the product title.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_price]: Inserts the product price.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_stock]: Shows the product’s stock availability.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_meta]: Allows incorporating specific product meta data.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_product_func]: Enables integration with custom functions for advanced customization.
  • [alg_wc_atcbl_translate]: Facilitates translation of button text for multilingual stores.

Remember to Save Changes

After customizing the “Add to Cart” button text on the individual product page, ensure you click on the Update button located at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Benefits of Individual Product Text Customization

By tailoring the “Add to Cart” button text for each product, you can achieve several benefits.

  • Highlight Unique Features: Craft calls to action that emphasize specific product attributes, potentially leading to increased conversions.
  • Create Urgency: Use text like “Buy Now” or “Limited Stock” to encourage immediate action.
  • Match Product Tone: Tailor the button text to match the overall tone and voice associated with the product.


By leveraging individual product add-to-cart button text customization, you can create a more personalized and compelling shopping experience for your customers. This approach allows you to craft unique calls to action that drive engagement and potentially boost your sales.