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Tailoring Add to Cart Text for External Products

External products in Woo Commerce link customers directly to a third-party website for purchase. While the checkout process itself might occur elsewhere, you can still influence customer behavior by customizing the call to action displayed on your product pages. This guide explores how to modify the “Add to Cart” button text for external products based on specific conditions.

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Accessing the Add to Cart Button Labels Feature

To personalize the “Add to Cart” button text for external products, navigate to your WordPress dashboard

  • Locate the Woo Commerce menu and click on Settings.
  • Within the Woo Commerce settings, find the tab labeled Add to Cart Button Labels.

Customizing Text for External Products

The Add to Cart Button Labels feature offers a dedicated section for Per Product Type & Condition customization.

Here’s how to leverage this section for external products

  • Enable Section: Check the box next to External Products to activate conditional button text customization for this product type.
  • Specific Conditions: Select from a range of pre-defined conditions to trigger unique button text for external products:
  • Single product page: Craft a clear call to action displayed on the individual product page where customers view detailed information about the external product.
  • Shop page: Modify the text shown on the product listing page, where customers browse through an overview of your external products.
  • On Sale: Create a distinct button text specifically for external products currently on sale (as displayed on your website).
  • Free Product: Designate a captivating call to action for external products offered at no cost (though the purchase might still occur on the external site).
  • Empty Price: Set a unique button message for external products with an empty price field on your store.

Guiding Customers Towards Purchase

By strategically customizing the “Add to Cart” button text based on conditions, you can provide clear instructions and encourage customers to visit the external website for purchase. Here are some examples:

  • “Visit Site to Purchase” might be a suitable choice for both the single product page and shop page, informing customers about the external purchase process.
  • “Buy Now (Sale)” on the shop page can effectively highlight ongoing promotions for specific external products.

Remember to Save Changes

After customizing your conditional button text settings for external products, click on the Save changes button to activate your modifications across your store.

By leveraging conditional button text customization for external products, you can enhance the user experience and guide customers towards a seamless transition to the external purchase website.