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Customizing Text for Grouped Products

Grouped products in Woo Commerce allow you to showcase a collection of related products under a single listing. While these products are not directly added to the cart, customizing the call to action text can significantly improve the customer experience. This guide explores how to modify the “Add to Cart” button text for grouped products based on predefined conditions.

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Accessing the Add to Cart Button Labels Feature

To personalize the “Add to Cart” button text for grouped products, navigate to your WordPress dashboard,

  • Locate the Woo Commerce menu and click on Settings.
  • Within the Woo Commerce settings, find the tab labeled Add to Cart Button Labels.

Customizing Text for Grouped Products

The Add to Cart Button Labels feature offers a dedicated section for Per Product Type & Condition customization.

Here’s how to leverage this section for grouped products

  • Enable Section: Check the box next to Grouped Products to activate conditional button text customization for this product type.
  • Specific Conditions: While there are fewer conditions available for grouped products compared to other product types, you can still customize the text based on.
  • Single product page: Craft a clear call to action displayed on the individual product page where customers view details about the grouped product and its associated items.

Crafting Informative Text

Since grouped products function as a collection, the default “Add to Cart” text might not be ideal.

Here are some suggestions for the single product page text

  • “Select Items” encourages customers to explore the bundled products and choose what they need.
  • “Build Your Bundle” creates a more interactive feel, enticing customers to personalize their selection.

Remember to Save Changes

After customizing your conditional button text setting for grouped products, click on the Save changes button to activate your modifications across your store.

By leveraging conditional button text customization for grouped products, you can provide clear instructions and guide customers towards a more informed purchase decision.