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Customizing Add to Cart Text for Variable Products

Variable products in Woo Commerce offer flexibility by allowing you to manage various product variations under a single listing (think different sizes or colors for a T-shirt). However, the default “Add to Cart” button text might not always be the most effective call to action for these products. The good news is, Woo Commerce provides options to customize the button text for variable products based on specific conditions.

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Accessing the Add to Cart Button Labels Feature

To modify the “Add to Cart” button text for variable products, navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

  • Locate the WooCommerce menu and click on Settings.
  • Within the WooCommerce settings, find the tab labeled Add to Cart Button Labels.

Customizing Text for Variable Products

The Add to Cart Button Labels feature offers a dedicated section for Per Product Type & Condition customization.

Here’s how to leverage this section for variable products

  • Enable Section: Check the box next to Variable Products to activate conditional button text customization for this product type.
  • Specific Conditions: Select from a range of pre-defined conditions to trigger unique button text for variable products:
  • Single product page: Craft a compelling call to action displayed on the individual product page where customers view detailed information about each variation.
  • Shop page: Modify the text shown on the product listing page, where customers browse through an overview of your variable product and its variations.
  • On Sale: Create a distinct button text specifically for variations currently on sale.
  • Free Product: Design a captivating call to action for variations offered at no cost.
  • Already in Cart: Set a unique button message for variations that are already added to the customer’s cart.

Crafting Clear and Actionable Text

By strategically customizing the “Add to Cart” button text based on conditions, you can provide a more informative and action-oriented experience for your customers.

Here are some examples

  • “Select Options” might be a better fit for the single product page, where customers need to choose their desired variation before adding to cart.
  • “Add to Cart (Sale)” on the shop page can effectively highlight ongoing promotions for specific variations.

Remember to Save Changes

After customizing your conditional button text settings for variable products, click on the Save changes button to activate your modifications across your store.

By leveraging conditional button text customization for variable products, you can enhance the user experience and guide customers towards making informed purchase decisions within your Woo Commerce store.