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Deep Dive into Advanced Settings

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The “Download Plugins and Themes from Dashboard” plugin provides a user-friendly way to download backups of your WordPress plugins and themes directly from your admin panel. But for those who crave even more control, the plugin offers an “Advanced Settings” section with some technical options.

Let’s explore what these settings do

Choosing Your ZIP Library

  • ZIP library: This setting allows you to select the software library used to create the compressed ZIP files when downloading plugins or themes.

The plugin comes with two built-in options

  • Zip Archive: This is the default option and is generally compatible with most hosting environments.
  • Pcl Zip: This is an alternative library that might be preferred by some users due to its specific features or compatibility with certain server configurations.

It’s important to note

Unless you’re encountering issues with the default ZipArchive library, there’s no need to change this setting. If you’re unsure which library to choose, it’s best to leave the default selection.

Specifying a Temporary Directory

  • Temporary directory: This setting lets you define a custom location on your server where temporary files are stored during the download process. By default, the plugin uses the system’s temporary directory (often “/tmp”).

Why Use a Custom Temporary Directory?

There might be a few reasons to utilize a custom directory

  • Security: In some shared hosting environments, the default temporary directory might be accessible to other users. Choosing a custom directory within your WordPress installation’s directory structure can add a layer of security.
  • Performance: If your server has a dedicated disk specifically for temporary files, using that location could potentially improve download performance.

Important Considerations

  • Changing this setting requires some technical knowledge about your server’s file system structure. Make sure you create and configure the custom directory with appropriate permissions before using it.
  • Unless you have a specific reason to modify these settings, it’s recommended to stick with the plugin’s defaults to avoid any potential issues.

Pro Version

Download Plugins and Themes from Dashboard WordPress Plugin: https://wpfactory.com/item/download-plugins-and-themes-from-dashboard-wordpress-plugin/). The free version offers the core functionality of downloading plugins and themes, while the pro version might have additional features related to advanced settings or functionalities not covered in this explanation.


Download Plugins and Themes from WordPress Dashboard