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Download All Plugins at once


This plugin allows you to download backups of your website’s plugins and themes directly from your WordPress admin panel, eliminating the need to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

In the image, the user has clicked on the “Download all” button in the “Plugins” section. This will initiate the download of a zip file containing all of the currently installed plugins on the website.

  • Plugins: This tab is selected, indicating the user is viewing plugin download options.
  • Download all: This button, which has been clicked by the user, will download all installed plugins.
  • Please note that this won’t include “Must-Use” and “Drop-in” plugins: These types of plugins are essential for WordPress to function and cannot be downloaded using this plugin. You can still download them manually from the “Plugins” page in your WordPress admin panel


Download Plugins and Themes from WordPress Dashboard