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Optimizing Product Details

The EAN plugin for WooCommerce allows you to create additional data points beyond the main EAN code. This article dives into configuring the options for “Extra Field #1,” providing granular control over how this information is displayed and used.

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Enabling the Field

  • The first step is to ensure the extra field is active by checking the “Enable field” box. This allows you to define its properties and integrate it into your product data.

Defining the Title and Meta Key:

  • Title: Assign a clear and descriptive name (e.g., “MPN”) to easily identify the purpose of this extra field within your admin interface.
  • Meta Key: Define a unique identifier (e.g., “mpn”) for the field within your database. This ensures proper data storage and retrieval.

Controlling Field Visibility:

  • Admin Product Search: Enable this option if you want to search for products using the data stored in this extra field within the admin area.
  • Single Product Page: Check this box to display the extra field information alongside the main EAN on individual product pages, including variations for variable products.

Enhancing Search Functionality

  • Search: Enable this option to allow your customers to find products using the information stored in this extra field. This can improve the user experience and streamline product discovery.

Optimizing SEO

  • Product Structured Data: Check this box to include the extra field data in your product’s structured data. This can enhance your product’s SEO and search ranking by providing richer information to search engines like Google.

Resetting and Saving

  • Reset Settings: This option allows you to reset all configurations within the “Extra Field #1” section. Use this cautiously as it will erase any customizations you’ve made.
  • Save changes: Don’t forget to click this button to save any adjustments you make to the “Extra Field #1” options.

Accessing Extra Field Options

Navigate to your WooCommerce settings, then to the “EAN” tab. Within the “EAN” tab, you’ll find the “Extra Fields” sub-tab. There, you’ll encounter dedicated sections for each extra field, including “Extra field #1,” where you can configure these settings.

By carefully configuring your extra fields, you can create a more informative product data structure that empowers both your customers and your internal workflows. Remember, you can create multiple extra fields to accommodate various additional product details.


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