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How to Use the Print Barcodes (PDF)

The Print Barcodes (PDF) plugin for WooCommerce is a powerful tool designed to streamline barcode printing processes for WooCommerce store owners. With this plugin, you can easily generate and print barcodes directly from your WordPress dashboard, making inventory management more efficient and convenient. This article will guide you through the setup and usage of the Print Barcodes (PDF) plugin.

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 Enabling the Plugin

To start using the Print Barcodes (PDF) plugin, follow these simple steps

  • Installation: Purchase and install the Print Barcodes (PDF) plugin from the WooCommerce marketplace or download it from the official WordPress plugin repository.
  •  Activation: Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Configuration: Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > EAN tab, then go to the subtab “Print” to access the plugin’s settings.

 General Options

 Page Orientation: Select either portrait or landscape orientation for the barcode pages.

 Page Format: Choose the page format for printing, such as LETTER (8.5 x 11 inches) or customize the dimensions.

 Max Barcodes per Page: Set the maximum number of barcodes to display on each page.

 Columns: Define the number of columns for barcode layout.

 Cell Size: Adjust the width and height of each barcode cell.

 Cell Border: Toggle cell borders on or off.

 Margins: Customize the margins for the barcode page and cells.

 Font: Choose the font type and size for barcode labels.

 Template: Use available shortcodes to customize barcode label templates.

 Admin Options

 Print Buttons: Configure the appearance and placement of print buttons for bulk actions, single products, and single orders.

 Variations Tab: Specify where to display print buttons for product variations.

 Quantity Input: Enable quantity input options for printing variations.

 Advanced Print Options: Customize advanced settings like skipping products without EAN and using Print.js library for PDF printing.

 Print Tools

 Print: Check the box and save changes to initiate the barcode printing tool.

 Products List: Enable the option to print products from the WooCommerce > Settings > EAN section.

 Reset Settings

 Reset Section Settings: Check the box and save changes to reset plugin settings to default.


Once the plugin is configured, you can easily print barcodes by following these steps

  •  Navigate to the WooCommerce products list in the admin dashboard.
  • Select the desired products or orders.
  •  Choose “Print Barcodes” from the bulk actions dropdown.
  • Click on the “Apply” button to generate barcode PDFs.
  • Print the PDF document containing the generated barcodes.

By following these instructions, you can efficiently manage your WooCommerce inventory by generating and printing barcodes directly from your WordPress dashboard.


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