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Extra Fields Options

The EAN plugin for WooCommerce empowers you to go beyond just EAN codes. This article explores the “Extra Fields” section, allowing you to add additional product information alongside the main EAN field.

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Adding Depth to Your Products

With extra fields, you can enrich your product data by including details like Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), color variations, or unique identifiers. This provides valuable information to both customers and internal processes.

Supported Features

  • Title: Assign a descriptive name to your extra field for easy identification.
  • Meta Key: Define a unique identifier for the extra field within your database.
  • Admin Product Search: Enhance your product searches within the admin panel by including data from your extra fields.
  • Single Product Page Display: Showcase the extra field information alongside the main EAN on individual product pages, including variations for variable products.
  • Search (Frontend): Allow customers to find products using the information stored in your extra fields.
  • Product Structured Data: Enhance your product’s SEO and search ranking by including extra field data in structured data.

Total Extra Fields

This section displays the total number of extra fields currently configured.

Resetting and Saving

  • Reset section settings: This option allows you to reset all configurations within the “Extra Fields” sub-tab. Use this with caution as it will erase any custom fields you’ve created.
  • Save changes: Don’t forget to click this button to save any changes you make within the “Extra Fields” section.

Accessing Extra Fields

Navigate to your WooCommerce settings, then to the “EAN” tab. Within the “EAN” tab, you’ll find the “Extra Fields” sub-tab where you can configure these additional data points.

By leveraging extra fields, you can create a more comprehensive product information structure, ultimately improving the customer experience and your internal management processes.


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