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Advanced Options for Power Users

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This article explores features designed for advanced users to customize and optimize their plugin experience. We’ll delve into the functionalities of the Meta key, advanced options for remote images, and managing plugin settings through Export, Import, and Reset options.

Meta Key

The Meta key, denoted by _alg_ean in the default configuration, plays a crucial role in how the plugin interacts with your product data. This key acts as an identifier for variations when the “Variable products: Position in variation” option is set to “Product meta”. If you’re unsure about this setting, it’s best to leave the Meta key at its default value.

Advanced Options: Force Remote Images

The “Force remote image” option provides granular control over how images are displayed within the Barcodes > Order items table > Pages section. Enabling this option ensures that the plugin retrieves images directly from their remote source, bypassing any local copies that might exist. However, it’s important to note that this feature won’t function correctly within a localhost environment, where images are typically stored locally.

JavaScript Variation Options

These advanced options are only relevant if you’ve chosen the “Product meta” setting for the “Variable products: Position in variation” option. They allow for fine-tuning the JavaScript code used to manage variations. If you’re unfamiliar with JavaScript or unsure about these options, it’s advisable to leave them at the default settings.

Managing Plugin Settings: Export, Import, and Reset

The plugin offers robust tools for managing your configuration settings through Export, Import, and Reset functionalities.

  • Export: This feature allows you to create a backup of your current plugin settings. Simply check the “Export” box and click “Save changes” to generate an exportable file containing all your configurations.
  • Import: The Import functionality enables you to import previously exported settings or configurations from another instance of the plugin. Choose the desired settings file, then click “Save changes” to apply the imported configuration.
  • Reset: This option provides a way to revert all plugin settings to their default state. To reset, check the “Reset” box and click “Save changes”.

Important Note

Always exercise caution when resetting settings, as it will erase any customizations you’ve made.

By leveraging these advanced options, you can unlock the full potential of the plugin and tailor it to your specific requirements. Remember, if you’re unsure about any of these features, it’s always recommended to consult the plugin documentation or seek assistance from the plugin developer


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