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Extra Fields Options: Enhance Product Information

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The Extra Fields section empowers you to enrich your product data by adding multiple custom fields to individual products. This functionality is particularly useful for incorporating essential details like EAN (European Article Number) and MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) alongside your core product information.

Key Considerations

  • Limited Feature Set: Compared to the main product field, extra fields offer a more streamlined feature set.

Currently supported functionalities include

  • Title: Define a clear and descriptive label for your extra field.
  • Meta Key: Assign a unique identifier for the extra field, used for internal data management.
  • Admin Product Search: Enhance your ability to locate specific products within the admin dashboard through these extra fields.
  • Single Product Page Display: Display the extra field data prominently on the individual product page, including variations.
  • Frontend Search: Allow customers to leverage these extra fields for refined product searches within your storefront.
  • Product Structured Data: These extra fields can contribute to richer product structured data, potentially improving search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Total Extra Fields: The number of extra fields you can create may vary depending on the specific plugin you’re using. Consult your plugin documentation for the exact limit.

Benefits of Extra Fields

By incorporating extra fields, you can significantly enhance your product data, leading to several advantages.

  • Improved Customer Experience: Customers can easily access essential product details like EAN and MPN, facilitating informed purchasing decisions.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management: Extra fields can aid in efficient product organization and identification within your back-end system.
  • Enhanced SEO: Richer product structured data, potentially influenced by extra fields, can contribute to better search engine ranking.

In Conclusion

Extra Fields provide a valuable tool for enriching product information and elevating the customer experience within your online store. While offering a focused feature set compared to the main product field, their targeted functionalities can significantly enhance your product data management and potentially boost SEO. Explore this functionality within your plugin and discover how it can empower your product offerings.


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