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A Guide to EAN and Barcode for WooCommerce

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The EAN and Barcode for WooCommerce plugin streamlines product data management by enabling you to assign, display, and manage product barcodes (EAN, UPC, ISBN, etc.). But to unlock its full potential, you need to understand the plugin’s shortcodes. These short snippets of code act as gateways to various product details, allowing you to dynamically integrate them into different areas of your WooCommerce store. Let’s delve into each shortcode and explore how it empowers you to leverage product data.

Shortcodes for Conditional Display

  • [alg_wc_ean_if]: This shortcode acts like a gatekeeper. It allows you to conditionally display content based on whether a product has an EAN assigned.
  • [alg_wc_ean_if_product_cat]: Target specific product categories. This shortcode lets you display content only if the product belongs to a particular category.
  • [alg_wc_ean_if_product_tag]: Similar to the category shortcode, this one allows you to conditionally display content based on the presence of specific product tags.

Shortcodes for Barcode Display and Management

  • [alg_wc_ean_barcode_2d]: Showcase a product’s 2D barcode (QR code) directly within your content using this shortcode.
  • [alg_wc_ean_product_terms]: Go beyond EANs. This shortcode retrieves other product taxonomies like brands or colors.
  • [alg_wc_ean_is_valid]: Ensure data accuracy with this shortcode. It checks if the assigned EAN is valid according to the specific barcode format.
  • [alg_wc_ean_barcode]: This shortcode generates the product’s barcode image (EAN, UPC, etc.) for display.
  • [alg_wc_ean_is_unique]: Verify the uniqueness of your product’s EAN within your WooCommerce store using this shortcode.
  • [alg_wc_ean_barcode_2d_base64]: This shortcode retrieves the product’s 2D barcode (QR code) in Base64 format, allowing for more flexible integration into custom development projects.

Shortcodes for Product Information Retrieval

  • [alg_wc_ean_product_image]: Include the product’s featured image within your content using this shortcode.
  • [alg_wc_ean_product_sku]: Display the product’s Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) with this shortcode.
  • [alg_wc_ean_product_author_id]: Need to know the product’s author (if applicable)? This shortcode retrieves the author ID.
  • [alg_wc_ean_product_meta]: Access various custom product meta fields with this shortcode, allowing for even more dynamic content creation.
  • [alg_wc_ean]: This core shortcode retrieves the product’s EAN code itself.
  • [alg_wc_ean_product_price]: Integrate the product’s price dynamically using this shortcode.
  • [alg_wc_ean_product_id]: Get the unique product identifier (ID) with this shortcode.

Unlocking the Power of Shortcodes

By strategically using these shortcodes, you can achieve various goals

  • Display Product Barcodes: Showcase product barcodes on product pages, invoices, or packing slips for easy scanning and identification.
  • Enhance Product Descriptions: Integrate dynamic product information like price, SKU, or author into product descriptions.
  • Create Targeted Content: Conditionally display content based on product categories or tags, personalizing the shopping experience.

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