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Conditionally Activating Accounts Based on Paid Orders

13.1This article explores the “Block non-paying users” functionality within the WooCommerce Email Verification plugin, enabling you to control account activation based on customer purchase history.

Understanding the Functionality

This feature allows you to restrict account activation for users until they place a paid order that meets specific criteria. This approach can be particularly useful for businesses that require upfront payment before granting full account access.

Configuration Options

  • Block activation link
  • Enabled: Prevents non-paying users from activating their accounts using the verification link.
  • Note: This option is most relevant when user registration occurs only during checkout, as users might not have the opportunity to place a paid order before needing to verify their accounts.
  • Order status: Defines the minimum order status considered “paid” for triggering account activation.
  • Completed: Only completed orders will qualify for account activation.
  • Activation email

  • Enabled: Sends the activation email only when a non-free (paid) order reaches the specified status (e.g., “Completed”).
  • Note: Already verified users won’t receive additional activation emails.
  • Paid statuses: Choose which order statuses are considered “paid” for triggering activation:
  • Processing: Orders in the processing stage will qualify.
  • Completed: Completed orders will trigger activation.
  • Role checking: Excludes specific user roles from the verification requirement (all roles are included by default).

Error Notice

  • Customize the message displayed to users encountering blocked activation due to their non-paying status. You can include the %resend_verification_url% placeholder to provide a link for resending the verification email if needed.

Accessing and Configuring Settings

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Email Verification.
  • Click on the General sub-tab.
  • Locate the “Block non-paying users” section.
  • Configure the options and customize the error notice as per your requirements.
  • Click Save changes” to apply your configuration.


  • This functionality might not be suitable for all businesses, as it can create a barrier to entry for new customers.
  • Evaluate your business model and target audience before implementing this setting.


The “Block non-paying users” feature within the WooCommerce Email Verification plugin offers an additional layer of control over account activation.


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