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Controlling User Access


The WooCommerce Email Verification plugin empowers you to enhance security and encourage account verification by restricting access to specific store functionalities for unverified users. This article explores the various settings available within the plugin’s Blocking sub-tab, enabling you to tailor user experience based on verification status.

Block Content

Restrict access to specific pages and products

  • Choose from predefined options like cart, checkout, my account, and more.
  • Block individual products or product categories.
  • Define conditional restrictions based on various factors like WooCommerce pages, product tags, or AJAX requests.
  • Specify additional URLs to restrict access to.
  • Redirect unverified users: Optionally direct them to a different page upon encountering blocked content.
  • Customize error messages: Inform unverified users about access limitations and provide guidance towards verification.

Block Checkout

Prevent unverified users from completing purchases

  • Discourage unverified users from reaching the checkout process.
  • Communicate restrictions: Craft a clear message explaining the verification requirement for checkout.

Block Adding Products to Cart

  • Limit guest user actions
  • Restrict guests from adding products to their carts, encouraging account creation and verification.
  • Inform guests about limitations: Provide a user-friendly message explaining the restriction and its purpose.

Block Non-Paying Users (Optional)

  • Conditionally activate accounts based on purchases
  • Delay account activation until users place a paid order (requires specific configuration).
  • Define order criteria for activation

  • Set the minimum order status considered “paid” (e.g., “Completed”).
  • Choose which order statuses qualify as “paid” for triggering activation.
  • Control activation email delivery

  • Send the activation email only when a qualifying paid order is placed.
  • Exclude specific user roles (optional): Exempt certain user roles from verification requirements.
  • Provide informative error messages: Explain the reason for blocked activation and offer options for users to proceed (e.g., resend verification link).

Accessing and Configuring Settings

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Email Verification.
  • Click on the Blocking” sub-tab.
  • Select the desired options and customize settings as per your requirements.
  • Click Save changes” to apply your configuration.

Strategic Use of Blocking Options

By implementing these blocking functionalities strategically, you can.

  • Incentivize account verification: Encourage users to complete verification to gain full access to store features and functionalities.
  • Enhance security: Mitigate potential risks associated with unverified accounts accessing sensitive areas of your store.
  • Improve user experience: Provide clear communication and guidance to users encountering access restrictions, ultimately enhancing their overall experience.


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