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Customizing Notification Messages


The WooCommerce Email Verification plugin allows you to personalize the messages displayed to users throughout the verification process. This article explores the settings available under the “Messages” sub-tab within the plugin’s configuration, empowering you to tailor communication and enhance user experience.

Resolve potential message duplication

  • Enable this option if you encounter issues with duplicate messages being displayed to users.
  • This can be helpful when troubleshooting plugin configuration or resolving conflicts with other plugins.

Craft user-friendly messages for various scenarios

  • Edit the text displayed for different verification statuses and actions.
  • Success: Message displayed upon successful verification.
  • Error: Message displayed when verification encounters an issue.
  • Failed: Message displayed if verification fails.
  • Already verified: Message displayed to users who are already verified.
  • Activate: Message displayed when users activate their accounts (if applicable).
  • Resend: Message displayed when users request a verification email resend.

Customize the URL used for resend verification links

  • Modify the URL structure or redirect users to a specific page after clicking the resend link.

Accessing and Configuring Settings

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Email Verification.
  • Click on the Messages” sub-tab.
  • Edit the desired message content using the available placeholders.
  •  %resend_verification_url%: Inserts the link for users to resend the verification email.
  • Optionally, enable “Clear previous messages” if needed.
  • Click Save changes” to apply your customizations.

Benefits of Customized Messages

  • Improved user experience: Provide clear and informative messages that guide users through the verification process.
  • Enhanced communication: Tailor messages to specific situations, ensuring users understand the outcome of their actions.
  • Branding consistency: Maintain consistency with your brand voice and tone throughout user interactions.


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