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Preventing Email Verification for Specific Users


The WooCommerce Email Verification plugin offers a feature to restrict account verification for certain email addresses or domains. This functionality can be beneficial in various scenarios, such as.

  • Limiting registrations from disposable email services: These services often provide temporary email addresses that can be misused for spam or fraudulent activities.
  • Preventing duplicate accounts: By blocking email addresses associated with existing accounts, you can discourage users from creating multiple accounts.
  • Controlling access to specific user groups: You might reserve email verification for specific user groups or exclude others based on your business needs.

Understanding the Setting

  • Email denylist: This field allows you to specify email addresses or domains that you want to prevent from using email verification for account creation.
  • Separate entries using commas, new lines, or a combination of both.
  • Utilize wildcards (*) to block entire domains (e.g., *@example.com).
  • Error notice: Customize the message displayed to users whose email addresses are blocked from verification. This message informs them about the restriction and any alternative actions they can take (if applicable).

Accessing and Configuring the Setting

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Email Verification.
  • Click on the General” sub-tab.
  • Locate the “Block account verification by email” section.
  • Enter the desired email addresses or domains in the “Email denylist” field.
  • Craft a user-friendly message in the “Error notice” field.
  • Click Save changes” to apply your configuration.


Email Verification for WooCommerce