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Restricting Logins for Unverified Users in WooCommerce


Enhancing Security with Email Verification

This article guides you through implementing the “Block login from unverified users” option within the WooCommerce Email Verification plugin. This functionality strengthens your store’s security by preventing unverified users from logging in, encouraging them to complete the email verification process.


  • Increased Security: Mitigates the risk of unauthorized access by unverified users.
  • Enhanced Trust: Demonstrates your commitment to user data security and account legitimacy.
  • Improved User Experience: Guides users towards completing verification for a seamless experience.

Enabling “Block login from unverified users”

    • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
    • Navigate to WooCommerce Settings > Email Verification.
    • Click on the General sub-tab.
    • Locate the setting labeled “Block login from unverified users”.
    • Enable the checkbox next to the setting.
    • Click Save changes” to apply the setting

Customer Experience

  • When an unverified user attempts to log in, they will be denied access.
  • They will receive a message informing them that their account verification is pending and login is restricted.
  • The message will typically include a link to the verification email, allowing them to complete the process and gain access to their account.

Additional Considerations

  • Customize Verification Message: Consider modifying the “Message > Activation” option within the plugin settings to provide a clear and informative message to unverified users.
  • Disable Login Options (Optional): For enhanced security, you can explore disabling login options in the plugin’s “Advanced” section, further restricting unauthorized access attempts.


            By implementing the “Block login from unverified users” option, you significantly improve your store’s security                           posture and encourage responsible account management by your customers. This approach fosters trust and                             enhances the  overall user experience within your WooCommerce environment.article4




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