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Configuring Email Options for Customer Verification


This article explains how to configure the email options within the WooCommerce Email Verification plugin to ensure that customers receive the necessary emails throughout the account verification process.

Understanding Email Options:

The Email Verification plugin provides various options to customize how email notifications are sent to customers during verification. These options are accessible through your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Email Verification.
  2. Click on the Emails sub-tab.

Key Options

  • Mail function: Choose the email delivery method:
  • PHP “mail()” function: The default WordPress mail function.
    • Customer new account email

    • Delay WooCommerce “Customer new account” email: Delays sending the default WooCommerce new account email until after successful verification (requires enabling the “Send as a separate email” option).
    • Email template: Select the email template format:
    • Plain: Basic text-only email.
    • WooCommerce: Uses the default WooCommerce email template.
    • Smart: Combines plain text and HTML elements for a more visually appealing email.
    • WC email template: Choose how email templates are generated:
    • Email Verification plugin: Uses templates defined within the plugin settings.
    • WooCommerce > Emails: Creates new email templates specifically for verification (Activation and Confirmation) within WooCommerce Emails.
    • Email wrap method: Define how emails are wrapped for formatting:
    • Manual: Add WooCommerce headers and footers manually.
    • Native: Use the WC_Emails::wrap_message() function for automated wrapping.

Importance of Configuration

Selecting the appropriate options ensures that your chosen mailing function delivers emails reliably. Additionally, customizing email templates and wrapping methods allows you to tailor the appearance and formatting of verification emails to match your brand identity and enhance the customer experience.


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