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Advanced Configuration for Email Verification Pro

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Email Verification Pro offers a comprehensive suite of advanced options for fine-tuning user verification within your WooCommerce store. This guide delves into these functionalities, empowering you to optimize your plugin settings.

Authentication Filters

  • “wp_authenticate_user” filter: Leverage this filter for custom authentication logic during verification.

Blocking Auth Cookies

  • Block Auth Cookies: Prevent unverified users from receiving authentication cookies, hindering unauthorized logins.

Custom Logout Function

  • Replace standard wp_logout() function: Implement a custom logout function if you encounter issues with the default behavior.

Advanced HTML Handling

  • Replace HTML Tags: Substitute HTML angle brackets with alternative characters to address saving issues.

Session Management

  • Session Start Params: Configure advanced session parameters for enhanced security.

Encoding Options

  • Encoding Method: Choose between Base64 encoding or Hashids for data encryption.
  • Hashids Salt & Alphabet: Define custom values for increased security (when using Hashids).

Preventing Login After Registration

  • Prevent Login After Register: Stop automatic login after registration on the My Account page.
  • Login Prevention Method: Select the preferred method (immediate logout, WooCommerce login filter, or custom redirect).
  • Force Redirect: Optionally, enforce a redirect to the My Account page or a custom URL.

Preventing Login After Checkout

  • Prevent Login After Checkout: Impede automatic login during checkout for unverified users.
    • Prevent Login Action: Define when to prevent login (on getting return URL, before the Thank You page, or on the Thank You page).
    • Prevent Login Notice: Display an “Activate” notice on the Thank You page for unverified users.
    • Block Thank You Page: Restrict access to the Thank You page for unverified users, redirecting them to My Account.


Background Processing

  • Minimum Amount: Set a minimum number of emails to send before triggering background processing.
  • Send Email: Optionally, send an email notification upon completion of background processing (specify recipient email).

REST API Integration

  • Verify Endpoint: Enable a REST API endpoint allowing user verification via external applications.

Delete Options

  • Important Notes: Review the considerations before using the Delete options to ensure safe user management.
  • Delete Users: Permanently remove unverified users from your database. This can be run manually or scheduled automatically.
  • Automatic Deletion Frequency: Choose the desired frequency for automatic deletion (hourly, daily, twice daily, or weekly).

Reset Settings

  • Reset Section Settings: Reset individual plugin sections to their default configurations.

By effectively utilizing these advanced options, you can tailor Email Verification Pro to precisely meet your WooCommerce store’s security and user verification needs.


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