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Tailoring User Messages with Email Verification Pro

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Email Verification Pro allows you to customize the messages users see during the verification process. This guide explores these message options.

Clear Previous Messages

  • Enable this option to prevent duplicate messages from appearing if you encounter technical issues.


  • Success: Craft the message displayed upon successful email verification.
  • Error: Customize the message shown when verification fails (e.g., invalid verification link). You can include a placeholder %resend_verification_url% to provide a link for users to resend the verification email.
  • Failed: Tailor the message displayed after failed verification attempts (e.g., too many attempts). Similar to the error message, you can use the %resend_verification_url% placeholder.
  • Already Verified: Craft the message informing users their email is already verified.
  • Activate: Customize the message prompting users to activate their accounts (useful when verification is not mandatory). You can include the %resend_verification_url% placeholder here as well.
  • Resend Verification URL: While not a message itself, this section allows you to define the URL users will visit to resend the verification email.

By personalizing these messages, you can create a clear and informative user experience throughout the verification process.


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