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Powerful Admin Control with Email Verification Pro

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Email Verification Pro empowers you to manage user verification seamlessly within your WooCommerce admin panel.

Here’s a breakdown of its admin-specific features

Allowed User Roles

  • Restrict access to the plugin’s admin interface by selecting user roles (e.g., only administrators can manage settings).

Users Filter:

  • Enhance user management with a dropdown filter on the Users page. Easily sort users by verified/unverified status.

Verified Column

  • Gain quick insights with a dedicated “Verified” column added to the Users list.


(Requires “Verified Column” enabled)

  • Take direct action on individual users through new links.
  • Manually verify, unverify, or resend verification emails for specific users.

Bulk User Actions

Streamline verification management for multiple users at once

    • Resend Verification Email: Quickly resend verification emails to a group of users.
    • Verify Users: Instantly verify selected users, enforcing email verification.
    • Unverify Users: Unverify selected users, requiring them to re-verify their email addresses.

By leveraging these admin options, you can efficiently manage user verification within your WooCommerce store, ensuring a clean and secure customer base.


Email Verification for WooCommerce