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Boost Your WooCommerce Security with Email Verification Pro

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Ensure genuine customers and a cleaner email list with Email Verification Pro for WooCommerce

This powerful plugin helps you combat fake accounts and improve email marketing effectiveness by verifying user email addresses.

Key Features

  • Login on Activation: Automatically log in users after successful email verification.
  • Block Unverified Logins: Prevent unverified users from accessing their accounts.
  • Granular User Role Control: Choose which user roles require verification (e.g., customers, but not admins).
  • Guest User Verification: Verify billing addresses during guest checkout.
  • Existing User Verification: Enforce verification for all existing unverified users.
  • Verification on Password Reset: Ensure new passwords are associated with valid email addresses.
  • Paid Order Verification: Verify email addresses upon successful payment for non-free orders.
  • Email Change Management: Unverify, log out users, and resend verification emails when email addresses are changed.
  • Detailed Verification Information: Provide customers with verification status and a link to resend verification emails (useful when login blocking is disabled).
  • Multiple Verification Display Options: Display verification information on My Account pages and through a dedicated widget.
  • Customization Options: Extensive customization options allow you to tailor email content, redirect users after successful/failed verification, and set activation link expiration times.


  • Reduced Fraud: Minimize fake accounts and fraudulent activity.
  • Improved Email Marketing: Ensure emails reach real customers.
  • Enhanced Security: Strengthen your WooCommerce store’s security.
  • Increased User Trust: Build trust with customers by verifying their identities.
  • Flexibility and Control: Fine-tune verification settings for optimal results.

Take control of your WooCommerce store’s email environment with Email Verification Pro. Start building a more secure and reliable platform for your business today!


Email Verification for WooCommerce