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EU VAT functionalities offered by Pro WooCommerce

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This comprehensive guide explores the extensive EU VAT functionalities offered by your Pro WooCommerce plugin, empowering you to manage VAT compliance seamlessly within your store.

Frontend Options

  • Field Label: Customize the label displayed next to the VAT field on your checkout page (e.g., “VAT Number,” “EU VAT ID”).
  • Placeholder: Provide informative text within the VAT field to guide customers on what information to enter (e.g., “Enter your EU VAT number here”).
  • Description: Offer additional details about VAT requirements below the field (e.g., “Required for businesses within the EU”).

VAT Field Behavior

  • Required/Optional: Control whether the VAT field is mandatory for all customers or optional.

You can also configure it to be

    • Required in specific countries: Enforce VAT entry only for customers in designated EU countries.
    • Required in all countries except: Make VAT mandatory except for customers in certain countries.
    • Required if customer fills the company field: Only require VAT if the customer indicates they are a business.
    • Required/Optional in specific countries: Define a custom combination of required and optional based on individual countries.

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Confirmation Notice

  • Enable: Display a confirmation message on checkout if a customer leaves the VAT field blank, even if it’s not mandatory.
  • Confirmation notice text: Craft a clear message informing customers about the missing VAT information.

Additional Options

  • Add EU VAT field to signup form: Include the VAT field during customer registration.
  • Allow checkout on unregistered VAT numbers: Permit customers to complete checkout even without a valid VAT number.
  • Payment Methods Control: Restrict specific payment methods (e.g., direct bank transfer) to be available only for customers with a valid VAT number.

Belgium Compatibility

  • Let customers decide: Allow customers to choose whether they are an individual or a business, automatically adjusting the VAT field requirement based on their selection. This can be useful for compliance in Belgium.
  • Let the customer decide the field label: Customize the label displayed next to the “individual/business” selection field.
  • Valid VAT but still paying?: Enable an option for customers with a valid VAT number to indicate they are still liable for VAT charges.
  • Valid VAT but still paying field label: Designate the label displayed next to the “valid VAT but paying” option.

Formatting and Display

  • Clear: Clear any previously selected CSS options.
  • CSS class: Assign a custom CSS class to the VAT field for advanced styling control.
  • Wide: Adjust the width of the VAT field for a better layout on your checkout page.
  • First/Last: Define the position of the VAT field relative to other checkout elements.
  • Label CSS class: Apply a custom CSS class to the VAT field’s label for specific styling.
  • Always show zero VAT: Display a zero VAT amount in the order review regardless of the actual VAT applied.
  • Show field for selected countries only: Restrict the VAT field visibility to customers from specific EU countries (e.g., AT, BE, etc.).
  • Show field for selected user roles only: Control which user roles (e.g., guest, customer) see the VAT field at checkout.

Display Options

  • Display: Choose where to display the VAT field on your checkout page:
  • After order table: Place it below the order summary table.
  • In billing address: Integrate it within the billing address section.

Hide EU VAT field from the checkout

  • Enable: Hide the VAT field entirely if you’re customizing your checkout page using a page builder plugin and want to manage field visibility separately.

By effectively utilizing these comprehensive EU VAT options within your Pro WooCommerce plugin, you can ensure a smooth VAT compliance experience for both your business and your customers throughout the EU.


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