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Enhancing Your WooCommerce Experience with EU VAT Admin Options

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Managing EU VAT within your WooCommerce store necessitates efficient tools for record-keeping and analysis. Thankfully, your Pro plugin provides a robust set of “Admin Options” to streamline your workflow and gain valuable insights. This article explores these functionalities, equipping you to confidently administer EU VAT on your store’s backend.

Streamlined Access to VAT Information

  • Meta Box: Enhance your order management by enabling the EU VAT number summary meta box on the admin order edit page. This provides quick access to relevant VAT details for each order.
  • Column: Integrate an EU VAT number column directly into the admin order list for effortless VAT data visualization and filtering.

Multilingual Support (WPML or Polylang)

If your store utilizes WPML or Polylang for multilingual functionality, the plugin offers shortcode support for displaying messages in different languages. This ensures clear VAT communication for customers regardless of their chosen language.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Control

  • Debug: Activate debugging to generate detailed logs within the WooCommerce > Status > Logs section. This aids in troubleshooting any VAT-related issues.
  • Session Type: Select the preferred session type for handling VAT data: Standard PHP session (basic) or WC session (recommended for optimal compatibility with WooCommerce).
  • Force VAT Recheck on Checkout: Enable this option to bypass potential caching issues and guarantee a fresh VAT validation every time a customer proceeds to checkout.

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Manual VAT Validation and VAT Shifted Text

For specific scenarios, the plugin empowers you to

  • Enable Manual Validation: Implement manual verification of VAT numbers for situations where additional checks are necessary.
  • VAT Numbers to Pass Validation: Define a list of manually validated VAT numbers (separated by commas) to ensure they are always recognized as valid during checkout.
  • VAT Shifted Text: Customize the text displayed when the VAT burden is shifted (e.g., reverse charge mechanism).

Additional Resources

The article concludes by providing valuable reference points to enrich your EU VAT management experience

  • Field ID: Identifies the field used for storing EU VAT numbers within your database (_billing_eu_vat_number).
  • Tool for Adding EU Rates: Guides you to a tool for adding standard EU country VAT rates (Tools > EU Country VAT Rates).
  • EU VAT Report: Directs you to the dedicated EU VAT report accessible through WooCommerce > Reports > Taxes > EU VAT.
  • Shortcode Usage: Offers a reminder that shortcodes can be used within various plugin settings (e.g., field labels, messages) to enhance communication in different languages.

Plugin Description

Briefly mentions the plugin’s description page on WPFactory.com, where you can find further details and explore additional features.

By leveraging these comprehensive “Admin Options” within your Pro plugin, you gain a powerful set of tools to simplify EU VAT management on your WooCommerce store’s backend, facilitating efficient order handling, insightful data analysis, and a smoother overall experience for both you and your customers.


EU VAT Manager for WooCommerce