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Advanced Options in the File Renaming on Upload Plugin

The File Renaming on Upload plugin by WPFactory goes beyond basic file renaming. It allows you to delve into advanced customization to optimize how information associated with uploaded files is handled on your WordPress website. This guide explores these settings, empowering you to refine Alt text, media titles, and even leverage custom data for more control over your media library.

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Accessing Plugin Settings

  • Navigate to Settings: Within your WordPress dashboard, locate the Settings menu on the left-hand side and click on it.
  • Find File Renaming: Look for a section labeled File Renaming (or similar wording based on your plugin version). Click on it to access the plugin’s settings.

Optimizing Alt Text and Media Titles

Within the plugin’s settings, you’ll likely find sections dedicated to Alt Text and Media Titles. These options allow you to define how the plugin handles these crucial elements for uploaded files.

  • Alt Attribute: This section controls the “Alt text,” which provides a textual description of an image for accessibility and SEO purposes.

You can choose to

  • Leave alt attribute as it is by default: Preserves the original Alt text entered by the user during upload.
  • Update alt attribute based on the original filename: Extracts the filename (without extension) and uses it as the Alt text. (e.g., “My File.jpg” becomes “My File”)
  • Update alt attribute based on the Filename structure option: Leverages the defined filename structure rules to generate Alt text.
  • Media Title: Similar to Alt text, you can configure how the plugin handles the “Media Title” displayed within the media library.
  • Leave media title as it is by default: Maintains the original title entered by the user during upload.
  • Update media title attribute based on the Filename structure option: Generates the title based on your defined filename structure rules.

Advanced Refinements

These settings provide additional control over how Alt text and media titles are generated.

  • Update alt/title on filename update: Automatically updates Alt text or media title whenever the filename is changed.
  • Update alt/title on new attachment upload: Applies the chosen Alt text or media title generation method to newly uploaded files.
  • Replace character used to separate rules by white space: Converts the separator character in your filename structure to a space for a more natural look in Alt text and titles. (e.g., “My-{posttitle}” becomes “My Post Title”)

Customizing with Data (Optional)

The plugin offers advanced options that utilize custom data to generate filenames, Alt text, and media titles.

  • Custom field rule: Enables you to incorporate data from custom fields into your naming conventions and descriptions. Use the syntax {cf:fieldname} to reference a specific custom field. (e.g., {cf:_myfield})
  • Taxonomy rule: Allows you to leverage post terms from a chosen taxonomy in your filename structure and descriptions. Use the syntax {tax:taxonomy-slug} to reference a specific taxonomy. (e.g., {tax:category})

Additional Settings (Optional)

  • Jpeg To JPG (Enable/Disable): Automatically converts the uploaded file extension from “jpeg” to the more widely recognized “jpg.”
  • Schedule Filename Update: Sets an interval (in hours) to run a background process that updates filenames with any discrepancies.

User Role and Post Type Restrictions (Optional)

  • Allowed user roles: Define which user roles (e.g., Administrator, Editor) are permitted to benefit from the plugin’s renaming features.
  • Allowed post types: Specify which post types (e.g., post, page) can have uploaded media renamed based on your plugin settings.


By exploring the advanced settings offered by the File Renaming on Upload plugin, you can achieve a high level of customization for uploaded files on your WordPress website. From defining Alt text and media titles to leveraging custom data for more dynamic naming, these options empower you to create a more organized, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized media library experience.


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